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Corporate Wellness Comedy

Laughter is the best medicine

Employee wellness is a priority to keep employees happy and healthy and laughter is a fun way to do it! There are proven results showing that laughter triggers the release of endorphins which promote an overall sense of well-being, decreases stress, strengthens the immune system and blood flow, as well as diffuses anger. Many times bringing a group together to laugh can improve relationships and facilitate group cohesion.



Stand up comedy and emcee services

Treuer Laughs LLC is a comedic entertainment business working with companies & groups to create comedy shows for events, both large and small. From corporate lunch break comedy shows, to convention events, we are able to entertain no matter what the event.  We have a diverse group of performers who are able to entertain a variety of audiences.  The client experience is our top priority and we work closely with all of our clients to customize the shows to their preferences to the best of our abilities. Our performers are also able to emcee private events if you need someone to run the show!   To us all that matters is the client experience, and above all laughter for all. We will bring a variety of performers so your event isn’t stuck with just one performer, but we can do just one if that is what you want!





listening to what you want

The experience starts with our first communication.  We want to hear all of your ideas and thoughts and motivation for adding comedy to your organized event. 

We will spend ample time talking with you to collaboratively outline a show that will be as entertaining as possible.  

We are responsible for the comedy and our clients are responsible for selecting the venues as well as ensuring that the audio visual components are of good quality, reliable, and work.  If it is a smaller organization we can work with you to find a solution.  We have a friendly operating agreement we will put in place prior to the show and will want to see the venue prior to the event so we can best determine how the show will be conducted and identify any items that can improve the overall experience.




The secret is giving

We donate a substantial amount of our profits to charities within the communities where we work. We also put on fundraising events just for charities in which we are able to raise large amounts of money for the charities we work with. If you have a charity which has significant meaning to you, we are happy to work with you to donate a portion of our fees to the charity or even work with the charity directly to produce a comedy fundraiser. You can come to our events open to the general public by entering your email below.






Our roots are in Denver and we love bringing laughter to the people of the Mile High City.



Chicago is one of the greatest comedy cities in the world and we are the epicenter of the laughter.


Traveling Shows

We are able to bring our shows to you if your event is not located in Denver or Chicago.